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  • Kayla Nakimera
    Kayla Nakimera36 minuta më parë

    question-who do you think is most likely to win and who do you think is not most likely to win why or why not.

  • Sophie Sijms
    Sophie Sijms39 minuta më parë

    Colie is such a pick me girl, sorry

  • alissa
    alissa39 minuta më parë

    i actually really do feel bad for colie because I understand how she feels.

  • Halley Frost
    Halley Frost40 minuta më parë

    Ace B. King definitely messed with his chances but idk cause he still has eileen naked ace and eddie

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness Master41 minutë më parë

    STAN THE BOYS THIS EPISODE. I SWEAR Colie was like "nObOdY cArEs aBouT mE" when literally everyone was feeling sorry for her and taking her side and literally everyone is ranking ACE LOW. LIKE FOR WHAT? Good job Eddie, Ace, Ace B King.

  • Lili
    Lili41 minutë më parë

    Ahh im so done with people saying Matt should win. He is very quiet and kind i know but he is NEVER THERE and he is not someone who can actually influence people cause he is not charismatic at all. Ace b king was annoying yes but he or Jake should win cause their personality's shine through and they are active and doing everything in the competition. Being quiet and being alone all day with your airpods is not what people need irl.

  • Andrilainy Valdez
    Andrilainy Valdez42 minuta më parë

    I can’t with this comments literally Maddie told colie everything they talked bout expect that she was talking bout her so I don’t get why are y’all coming for him cause his name was still bought up bc if they trusting Maddie Into that why even go around saying it .

  • Andrilainy Valdez
    Andrilainy Valdez40 minuta më parë

    But in some part he should’ve have listen to colie trying to explain her personal problems ..

  • Rosa Acosta
    Rosa Acosta42 minuta më parë

    Now I understand why Colie wanted to be in this show again. But the thing is things aren’t the same for her since the first season

  • Tori Custer
    Tori Custer43 minuta më parë

    Um I only started watching this for Matt so I don't know much about it. Wouldn't it make sense for viewers of the show to pick the rankings, fans are the people who give influencers the power to influence so. . . Just because you're number one on here doesn't mean you're the best influencer on the show lol then what's the point.

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness Master43 minuta më parë

    Maddie and Rave are sooo manipulative it's not even funny...

  • Lisa Hewitt
    Lisa Hewitt43 minuta më parë

    I’m sorry but when rave is yelling while arguing she sounds so funny😭

  • Cobalt
    Cobalt44 minuta më parë

    Matt deserves the win because he doesn’t cause drama and he doesn’t deserve to be ranked last

  • The real gilmore girls
    The real gilmore girls44 minuta më parë

    my respect for rave. 📉📉📉 literally she was mad just because she wasn’t even included in the conversation that she doesn’t have to be involved in, she was literally picking fights and ace b King was right to call her out like literally nobody ain’t talking abt you and ace b king is the type of person who would tell you what’s up sooooo idfk why she was being so extra, Maddie girl that whole thing with colie was soo fake like how you gonna go from talking abt colie to comforting her like that don’t make no sense

  • Nancy Flores
    Nancy Flores45 minuta më parë

    NOT YALL defending the girl who body shamed Eileen !!!

  • MarvelouzMar
    MarvelouzMar45 minuta më parë

    Colie was having a “panic attack” but also trying to get info out of Maddie… she was fine and being melodramatic and WAS talking about Ace. Also Maddie made it out to look like Ace and Eileen thought colie was fake when it was maddie herself. Ace is not in the wrong and just isn’t buying Colie’s fake tears like y’all.

  • Bee B
    Bee B45 minuta më parë

    COLIE IS FAKEEE LEAVE ACE B KING ALONE if I ever hear anyone body shaming I will give no sympathy and not be around that tf? Y’all preaching abt body shaming being wrong but now attacking ace b king for being real which is why everyone loves him I swear y’all would real life treat Colin like that she’s victimized herself but has no remorse or sympathy for anyone else trash🗑 this is bs

  • riya saphire
    riya saphire46 minuta më parë

    Who are y’all’s favorites and least favs?

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness Master46 minuta më parë


  • Valentina Farrugia
    Valentina Farrugia46 minuta më parë

    In both cases Ace was in the wrong because Rave told the others that she went next to them instead of next to Ace because they were being boring and colie was having an anxiety attack it wasn't fair for Ace to just clap in like that

  • Ana Rosa
    Ana Rosa48 minuta më parë

    Ace is literally disappointing me right know collie have a panic attack and he are making all about him babe no

  • manissa robledo
    manissa robledo48 minuta më parë

    Bruh after the last Episode Ace b… you NEED to be humbled and bruh not everything is about you. COLIE I feel bad for you yes but after you body shamed Eileen I can’t fully agree with on everything but I still support you and ACE B IS SO ANNOYING dude got on my nerves so many times

  • eliava li
    eliava li48 minuta më parë

    honestly atp i only like matt, michelle and jake

  • Michelleee !
    Michelleee !48 minuta më parë

    Ace B. not everything is about you, Colie was just talking about how she felt, not about you. And at first I wanted him to win but honestly I don't think so anymore because he really let his true colors shine. You were really disrespectful and didn't even let Cole talk interrupting her

  • Thea Baaklini
    Thea Baaklini48 minuta më parë

    Is no one gonna talk about how toxic Rave is? She manipulated Maddie this entire episode as well as other people throughout the season. Also, i really think Maddie should win. I know she iss in a few “arguments” but at the same time, she isn’t being rude to anyone and has been really mature. Idk idk also Matt>

  • ✰ mira
    ✰ mira 49 minuta më parë

    i hate all of them except matt : rave: is mean when she get voted last don’t tell me ill be mad if this happened to me ok no. ace : think about others your not the only human on earth eddie : causing middle school drama maddie: GURL BYE- collie: we can’t really trust you i know i didn’t say all of them and im a 100 person sure you guys will be like what about jake but guys we can’t trust none of them except matt

  • happilyystyles
    happilyystyles49 minuta më parë

    ace was mad at rave for talking about him but he was just talking about her and lied to her about it lol. love him tho but just noticed that

  • Alejandra Paredes
    Alejandra Paredes49 minuta më parë

    Colie girl … you want him to be kind? Honey you were body shaming Eileen not so long ago. We see the real you. You ain’t innocent. Nobody is. Relax. You’re just fake af okay.

  • Osmara Flores
    Osmara Flores50 minuta më parë

    Why they do not talk bout Colie body shaming Eillen?

  • Yisell gg
    Yisell gg51 minutë më parë

    collie said "i know you two are real.." yet maddie just got up from calling collie fake and saying what she doesn't like about her. oh god

    ZAMIRAC51 minutë më parë

    1. How she gonna say “ all this drama is getting to me” but an episode ago said “ I created all the drama” 2. How she crying about E being stressful when she literally body’s harmed her tf 😭😭

  • Those Bloxburg Aesthetics
    Those Bloxburg Aesthetics52 minuta më parë

    I dont like how colie bodyshamed eileen but im on colies side with that one, anxiety attacks are not anything to mess around with and its rude of him to think its about him

  • Rukhsar Areshia
    Rukhsar Areshia52 minuta më parë

    At the end of the day I stan Matt❤ End of the story😂

  • Alexus Palmer
    Alexus Palmer53 minuta më parë

    In the beginning I thought ace was like cool but now like ace acts like it’s all him when really most people are probably being fake to him so he votes them high so I hope he knows he might not win like he thinks and I hope Matt or jake wins tbh

  • Janelle Jones
    Janelle Jones53 minuta më parë

    But Ace B King is unproblematic….okay

  • Carmen Rios
    Carmen Rios53 minuta më parë

    Colie and Rave were never my favorites lmaoo

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness Master54 minuta më parë


  • Kat D
    Kat D54 minuta më parë

    “I just jumped on the unicorn and left” -Matt

  • Alejandra Paredes
    Alejandra Paredes55 minuta më parë

    Who gave rave a platform 😩 she gots to go

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness Master56 minuta më parë

    18:17 everyone in the hot tub is like... what in da HELLLL is going on here... Matt B King really stepped it UP. YES.

  • MeLia
    MeLia57 minuta më parë

    I used to Love rave absolute queen but she's so stuck up I can't-

  • william whigum
    william whigum58 minuta më parë


  • buttercup
    buttercup59 minuta më parë

    I luv vala and rina they so pretty

  • Morgan Leary
    Morgan Leary59 minuta më parë

    I’m sorry but damn collie cry to damn much 😭

  • Mary-Claire Murray
    Mary-Claire MurrayOrë më parë

    “i jus jumped on the unicorn and left”-the best matt

  • 烏龜
    烏龜Orë më parë

    I love Matt, Eileen, Jake and Ace(the shirtless guy) 💜💜

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness MasterOrë më parë


  • Lisa Hewitt
    Lisa HewittOrë më parë

    honestly the challenges don’t even matter anymore, the drama is the most entertaning

  • Pyayt Sone
    Pyayt SoneOrë më parë

    All those dramas give me cringe 😬. I’m vibing with Matt only here.

  • gianni jones
    gianni jonesOrë më parë

    I do think that Ace B. King should've been more understanding but colie was hella asking maddie about what they were saying about her like she was deadass begging her. I do think Ace B. King is the realist too, like he's straight up with people but not in a disrespectful way also he doesn't tolerate no DISRESPECT.

  • Vibe wit enyjah
    Vibe wit enyjahOrë më parë

    Rave such a hater

  • Cxthia
    CxthiaOrë më parë

    I couldn’t even hear rave talking I just heard screech’s

  • Melody Miracle
    Melody MiracleOrë më parë

    Matt & Jake truly deserve to win, both minding their own business and staying unproblematic throughout the whole show

  • Brodric Richardson
    Brodric RichardsonOrë më parë

    I liked rave at the beginning but after the stunt she pulled with ace b king he had the right to check her cause if I was him I don't care if she was a girl I would've fighted her

  • Jakelin Gonzalez
    Jakelin GonzalezOrë më parë

    is it just me or the only real and honest people are eileen, ace b king, jake, and matt, they say it as it is and don’t try and start drama

  • Jameelah Campbell
    Jameelah CampbellOrë më parë

    Ok but I love ace and all but he can’t just say someone was talking about him without knowing the real story nor him not watching the episode I hope when he watches the episode he apologizes for his actions to colie

  • Nissi Vlogs
    Nissi VlogsOrë më parë

    A reminder the God loves you and Jesus died for your sins . ( not tryna force) 💓

  • Itz cookiebear UvU
    Itz cookiebear UvUOrë më parë

    My favourite members are Colie, Michelle, Matt and Jake

  • Ella Brooke
    Ella BrookeOrë më parë

    Who’s someone who deserves to win this season and why?

  • joe wonderland
    joe wonderlandOrë më parë

    omg i'm loving the love for matt in the comments 😭😭 stan matt 🦋

  • prakki sree rama chandra murthy
    prakki sree rama chandra murthyOrë më parë

    matt guy is from team rar i just noticed

  • Andrea Madrid
    Andrea MadridOrë më parë

    I was done when Michelle was like avocado toast biyachhhh lmao she a mood

  • Rayshard Perkins
    Rayshard PerkinsOrë më parë

    no bc at the end where it said “next on” Ace Rave was acting fake to michelle and michelle always had her back she so fake..

  • Luis Campos
    Luis CamposOrë më parë

    Ew ace b King shouldn’t that type of attitude when his mouth be reminding me of a fish face😭I’m sorry I can’t and he thinks he so bad but tbh being stubborn and rude asf is just not it

  • Sofie the Randomness Master
    Sofie the Randomness MasterOrë më parë

    Matt, I literally love you, and just know, that, even if you don't win "Next Influencer" you are already the best! And it was so cool how you made the computer part of your normal content!!

  • Anime Manga
    Anime MangaOrë më parë

    But then colie is kinda true most things is not all about ace

  • matthew gouws
    matthew gouwsOrë më parë


  • ilytingzs
    ilytingzsOrë më parë

    Rave had it coming don’t say one name and not say all that’s what she get Ace had every right to say what he wanted

  • Alayha Hall
    Alayha HallOrë më parë

    Me not knowing why rave thinks everyone is afraid of her like when she said I know ace king do not stomp up to me. Like he is supposed to be scared of her

  • animes. glare
    animes. glareOrë më parë

    12:24 yoongis coffee? 🤭

  • CC L
    CC LOrë më parë

    I don't like Rave but I feel bad for her its like Jayda again, everyone seems to be against Rave and we just really cant say anything until we've heard Rave's side of the story.

  • I literally hate you
    I literally hate youOrë më parë

    It was def planned for collie to leave

  • Caroline Jordon
    Caroline JordonOrë më parë

    michelle: "since I cant rank rave first... I have to put the closest thing to it, FOURTH"

  • Megumisimp
    MegumisimpOrë më parë

    colie should've never body shamed and Ace.B.King shouldn't assume and be more under standing im not on no ones side only matts

  • Marie Agnes
    Marie AgnesOrë më parë

    currently living for the enemies to lovers situation going on between michelle and colie

  • Sabrina Virk
    Sabrina VirkOrë më parë

    okay so the guy who used them is probably elton. who is the youtuber he had relations with???? I cant believe colby brought katerina home first!!!!!! So sam wouldnt have even met her if it wasnt for colby. thats crazy. and it means he was initially also attracted to her. wow no wonder sam almost cried in that video where they pranked him. Also who are all these women colby is bringing home, dang i wish i lived i lived in LA. lol jk... also sam and colby just had a marriage counseling session towards the end. awww lol

  • MeelaJP
    MeelaJPOrë më parë

    ace is getting annoying he shaking his true color

  • Mackenzie fowler
    Mackenzie fowlerOrë më parë

    Colie crying got her the screen time she wanted